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Good Software and Your Business

Aside from having the best employees, a major contributor to the success of your business is having well-executed POS software. While this system will require a large payment up front, it is an investment that will yield increased revenue as you continue to use it. You can choose from the very basic package to a more feature rich version including incorporation to basic accounting software. Depending on what you need, there will always be an option available for you.

Gone are the days of manual cash registers, manual counting and manual report creation. If you buy a POS system, you can have everything linked in one program. Setting up the program is …

Looking at Some of the Best Franchises Ever

I thought I’d take some time out to look at some of the best franchise ideas that have you ever occurred. These are the things that we all take for granted, but I businesses that have made billions of dollars doing what they do, in the best way possible.

Gearing up for AAMCO

AACO’s Rebuilt Transmission

2 BEFORE AAMCO, THE AUTOMOTIVE aftermarket was nothing more than a corner gasoline station manned by mechanics self-taught on their own hot rods. After AAMCO, the industry blossomed into a $148 billion highly competitive market where professionalism and specialization are the hallmarks of customer service.

Accounting for the transformation were Robert Morgan and Tony Martino, unlikely …

Bookstores On Rodeo Drive? Wha?

Rodeo Drive? Really?

Despite, or perhaps because of, the surrounding giitz, selling a bookstore on Rodeo Drive isn’t easy. The store isn’t in a neighborhood in the normal sense of the word–or even in a common shopping area for most Angelenos. “We have to make that store a destination,” says John Brancati, vice-president of merchandise. “We’re not Barnes & Noble or Crown. We can’t afford full-page ads in the L.A. Times. We have to determine who are audience is and how we should approach them.”

Thus, Rizzoli advertises aggressively in local tabloids as well as such trendy, glossy magazines as L.A. Style. (In coming months, Rizzoli and L.A. Style will co-sponsor several …

Retail Wisdom Is Always Interesting

Just before Father’s Day, he sent a survey to the wives of his customers. He asked them to “fill out the enclosed self-addressed stamped survey and enclosed a 10-dollar gift certificate to be used before the upcoming Father’s Day.

With the survey he enclosed a personal letter explaining he wanted to know more about his customers so he could serve them better.

His letter begins:

“I’ll give you more than a penny for your thoughts…nine dollars and 99 cents more, in fact.

Knowing your husband values your opinion, we’d like to determine the extent of your participation in his wardrobe selection. I would sincerely appreciate your taking one minute to compete the

Neiman Marcus Rocks The House

Neiman Marcus is boosting its rate of multiple sales and promoting cross-vendor shopping with an open-sell merchandising approach in some of its fragrance and bath departments.

The concept was initially unveiled about three years ago at the chain’s Galleria unit here, when the store underwent a massive renovation. The concept has since spread to other branches and Neiman’s plans to put it in more stores.

In the cosmetics department, the revamp mostly eliminated closed counters and glass cases.

According to business and tech blog, it’s been a huge success.…