I just wanted to take the time out to talk to all of my friends who have always supported this website and say that I love you guys, and I’m glad that you helped me to get this website back up and running. Unfortunately, my previous web host kind of stuck me with a lot of problems and I wasn’t able to back up all of my blogs. So as a result, I am rebuilding a lot of this website from scratch, which does suck, but will allow me to at least breeze some new life into some of the pieces that were a little bit stale.

I mean, don’t get me wrong: I would’ve preferred to have been able to just use all of the old posts and then build from there, but sometimes you end up with such as that web host that there is nothing really that you can do about it. You just basically have to work on it. Which is what I’m doing with it.

I also want to take this site a lot further than it used to be in a sense that I will only be writing about clothing, but also things that matter to me: like retailing, like business in general. These are the things that got me where I am and I feel as if this should be more of a blog than it is trying to pitch T-shirts.

Anyway… bear with me while I attempt to get the site up and running. I can tell you that it is probably going to be a much better site than the old one was, and I can certainly say that I like this new website host already. These guys really get what they’re doing, which is something that I certainly couldn’t say about my previous host.


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